By default, your server will only allow the latest version of Minecraft to connect to your server. This is an issue for many server owners wanting larger compatibility support, but in a few clicks, you can support 1.8 upwards!

From the server panel, go to your server Console and then click the Manage Plugins button.

You'll then be presented with the Plugin Repository - this is a collection of plugins you can install on your own server.

In the search bar, type in ProtocolSupport - This is a free plugin which allows you to connect via old versions of Minecraft to your up-to-date server.

Once you've found ProtocolSupport, click Add to Server.

All Cobweb plugin names are all one word, so make sure to type ProtocolSupport and not Protocol Support

When the button changes to Remove from Server, the plugin has been installed on your server. You can now start your server, and it will support players playing on any version from 1.8.

The Cobweb network will only support clients between 1.8 and the latest Minecraft version. We do not support and will not support older versions of Minecraft, nor do we support snapshot releases.
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